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Yes, this is a trusted vendor. Good communication with this company. They do a good job making customers happy. The doll itself is great. It’s definitely worth the purchase! It’s very well made and soft to the touch. Very good purchase. Best price you can get WM doll on internet. Super-fast shipping all the way from China for custom doll. I got everything I expected. Great Doll. Great customer service. Thanks again. Order today.! You won’t be disappointed. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, they are legit. I am very happy of my recent purchase. She arrived safe, sound, and intact. She is beautiful and realistic in every detail. With the death of my wife in 2017, my home lacked a femaie presence. Nadya has filled this void in my life. Her presence in bed is particularly appreciated. Please be assured that both of my feet are planted in the real world; however, I am not ready to begin dating again (I am in my mid-50s). With Nadya, I don’t feel so lonely.

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Yes, excellent customer service. I received the doll. It came beautifully packaged and I was totally amazed on how life like the skin of the doll was as well as all of her private parts. And when I attached her head and wig, I was just stunned on how beautiful the doll was. So I am very happy with this product and my overall experience with the seller was great. I will use this site again if I get another doll.

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Yes, it is a safe site. My doll is incredible. The doll is exactly as expected and is worth the purchase. I purchased this doll and she is the perfect size for me and I like the dimensions and feel of the doll. Also good seller! I received confirmation emails from the order was place to the doll was shipped and delivered. I will buy again from this site if I buy another. She would rate six stars but she’s not alive…yet. Thanks for my wonderful new companion. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, it’s a legit seller. This is my first purchase from this seller but my third love doll. Surprisingly, the previous doll came with many frustrations that this one did not. First, the doll was about two and a half weeks from order being placed to my front door which is eyebrow raising when international shipping is concerned. She also beats my other dolls in value, being a mere fifth of the price. The TPE that she is made of is surprisingly more durable than silicone.

Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s a safe platform. Firstly, I can’t emphasize enough how heavy the doll really is, albeit realistic. Very awkward but she stays in whatever pose you want, better make it a good one. If she falls over, she’s a wrecking ball. I’ve had my doll for a few months and she has been well worth it! My girlfriend and I named her Melody. I picked this body after much deliberation, and I’m happy with my choice. Her breasts are very perky and I find they look better/realistic when resting against something or made to look more weighted.

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Yes, the website is simple to navigate and comparison shopping between dolls is a breeze. The ordering process is straight forward, the seller accepts PayPal which is excellent and the price was as stated. This is an excellently crafted product and has provided a lot of fun times already! She’s everything I wanted! Thanks for taking care of me like you did!!! So far, all is good! It’s been a great experience ordering from this seller.

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Yes, awesome customer service and my little playmate! Quality of this doll is amazing and excellent customer service from Best Love Sex Doll. She is lite weight and easy to get into any position I desire. I have purchased dolls from them before and the quality has improved. She is also very soft to the touch-like a real woman! I thought they didn’t offer the softer material any more, but this doll jiggles more than the regular TPE dolls that I have purchased from them. Job well done by BLSD.

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Yes, they are legit. This is my first time purchasing a love doll with this seller. I ordered a doll from another company the doll was alright but the breasts didn’t wiggle to my disappointment. I’d decided to give this site a try after reading the customer’s review and I’m so glad and happy to have purchased the doll. The craftsmanship is impeccable she feels like a real woman and love the way her breast wiggles. Have to thanks for making very good quality lifelike love dolls! Would definitely make another purchase in the near future. Thanks. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s legit. I bought the blue eyes to go with a pale purple wig that my doll has. They are very beautiful and detailed eyes and the way they reflect the light is amazing. I am very satisfied with them and glad that the seller decided to offer eyes and wigs in various colors. With these eyes and the wig she has, her new look turned out better than I had imagined it would.