Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s safe to purchase sex dolls here. The doll I purchased was amazing life in look and feel. Whoever designed this doll is a GENIUS! She’s got a thin waist that really brings out that nice big butt and those boobs. The quality was above and beyond the normal things that we bought before. Their customer service was fast and courteous. They do a wonderful job. If you like them with nice big butts look no further, this doll is for you, I promise you will not be disappointed. AWESOME! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, I trust it! Nice product. One of the more realistic ones I’ve tried. She was particularly welcome during the recent Christmas season. She helped me to get through it okay. This is a true beauty and surpassed all of my expectations. I did order a storage box for her, which works well to protect the doll from damage and dirt. Many thanks! Over all my experience with this site was very positive. If I ever do buy another doll, it will be from here. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are legit. Looks just like in the photos. Great quality, very luxurious. My Love Doll is, for me, a “God-sent” She is perfect for me, as I am not able to socialize much for medical/health reasons. She was the (almost) faultless beauty, I dress her up in my version of the New-Wave look with her longish straight (blonde) hair w/pony tail. I like to fantasize that my (imaginary) missus bought my Doll for me! Love it!